Never wake up when the dream ends

2 septembrie 2013 la 5:51 pm | Publicat în Aberatii Nocturne | Lasă un comentariu
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A long time ago, there was nothing, just pure pleasure while everyone was feeling good, enjoying themselves, in their own way of interpreting life’s meanings.

Now, what do we have now? Who took us away from all those pleasant feelings, emotions that we’ve never gonna live again? Why have we ended this way? Which one could have been the “other” way? But what if there isn’t and never was an assurance concerning this whole experience we all call “life”?!


After all, who is the Creator, the Great Pretender to whom it is said that we owe everything we have? Who listens to our daily complains? To whom should we be grateful to? Who is there for us when we feel so miserable in our unbearable loneliness?

There is no answer to all this questions, there never was and I am pretty sure that it won’t be in the nearest future. I do not have any evidence just because this endless sufferance we are all living through is enough for every each and one of us.

Late at night, when the streets are mumbling our last few memories, we only have ourselves to go to be with. On our pillow, there is no room for anybody else, even if, in our cruel stubbornness, we try to make space for at least another person in our sanctuary: our heart, our priceless soul which we betray every single day of our existence. While living, because we fear death the most, experiencing life can be terrifying, so that’s why we keep looking around after somebody to guide us to . . . to where? Where is that source that is (still) giving us hope, dreams to breath for, while the whole world is crushing right beside us?


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