8 Tips On How To Buy A Printer

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printer`s evolution is not a surprise for any of us. We all need and have one or, at least, we know a multitude of information about them. They make our work easier and that is why we do need one for ourselves : they are able to print photographs of high quality, documents at amazing speed and you can connect most them to your home or office network (via LAN or wireless).

We all have some difficulties when we are on the verge of buying a printer. It is normal that every one of us wants the best for him, and that is why we all ought to find our own right answers at the question “ Which is the best printer for me ?!” . It is hard to do something like this all by your one, so I tried to give a hand to those who want to make up their mind.

There are few secrets about how to choose the best printer for you:

1. Pay special attention to consumables. Everybody wants something good, but not very expensive. It is a wise way of thinking, but that does not means that it is also the best. We should think for the future and that means assuming some big risks when we choose a printer with ordinary consumables. The reality is something like this: ordinary cartridges contain very little ink and cost a lot of money, and a full set of cartridges costs a lot, close the price of the new printer. So we kindly advise you to make sure that the printer or multifunction device you want to buy is compatible with a CISS system or some other sort of refillable cartridges.

2. Avoid printers using consumables with the print head “built in” the cartridge. They are usually the cheapest because the print head is lower quality and designed to last only for a short period of time. As a matter of fact , they only want to take your money , give to you a not so good equipment, in order to force you after a while to go back to the store and buy a new one. That`s why the mid or top-range of printers are strongly recommended (they have a superior performance and use a permanent print-head together with separate ink cartridges per each color.)

3. Printer vs. Multifunction device? You should better choose the second one if the price is likely for you and I am sure that you will find it better when you`ll need to scan something or make a quick copy of a document

4. Inkjet or laser? Go for the inkjet because it is not so expensive and you and print color or black and white, on plain or photo paper. Laser on the other hand, generally prints in black & white only (only expensive models can print color) and generally only on plain paper.

5. How to choose a printer / MFC for home? Most of us do not need some extra expensive options. We only want to print when and what we need without being forced to give some extra money, but we should thought it wisely and ask ourselves if we want to invest in our printer and due to this I recommend you to forget about the cheep equipments and to prefer a mid-top one so: they are more reliable, more efficient and not so noisy. Specifically, I recommend the Canon MG5150/MG5250 and CISS Epson SX235/SX425/SX525.

6. For the office we should not be tight for money (it is already known that a multifunctional device with two side printing and a fax is not very cheep to buy). There will be many people using that printer and in consideration to that, we should buy one with one network interface and / or wireless included Specifically, I recommend the CISS HP Officejet 6500.

7. If you are passionate about photography we recommend few models able to print beautiful photos and also very fast: Epson Stylus Photo P50 / Canon Pixma iP4850 / 4950 (printers) and CISS Canon MG5250 / Epson PX720/820 (multifunction).

8. In case you need a customized recommendation, please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail at CISS team; they have specialists who are there to give you all the answers you need in order to buy the best ink system you desire

I hope you will find the best printer which will fulfill all your needs!


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