What Is The CISS And How Does It Work ?

16 Noiembrie 2011 la 12:28 am | Publicat în RECOMANDĂRI | 1 comentariu
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In this modern world we are living we get most of our information on the internet , but with the new internet modification you will see only ads , pop advertasing , other page redirection, facebook like and other statistics making the page to be very difficult for you to find what you are looking for.

I , for example , am a proud user of the newspaper. With this little thing I always founded everything I needed very quick. Now , in student life , I am forced to make a lot of printing (courses , essays , posters) for school.

At first i was using copy centers , but then I started using my printer. The price of the paper + the color and black ink were about the same of the price of copy centers , when I saw this advertasing about CISS.

CISS (continuous ink supply system) is an efficient system that always supplies your printer so you`ll never run out of ink , the cartridges never dry and you will never have to replace them instead you just add ink from the external tube. So that means that you won’t make a mess anymore , you’ll never run out of ink and you will not spend so much money on changing cartridges who still have some ink in them and by simple logic if you replace 10 cartridges you will lose automatically 1 but using CISS you will have a constant level of ink flowing to your printer so you can use even the last drop. How much money will you save ? A lot because is 95 % cheaper than other printers.

My printer is a CISS Canon and I DO NOT REGRET buying a CISS. My printing never felt easier , I even recomanded it to every one I know. It is a little bit pricey but it’s worth every penny because it is the equivalent up to 28 normal printer so in the end you are the one with more money saved and the quality of the ink is just amazing , because of this ink I started buying photo paper and printed out a lot of personal photos.

Let’s summarize : By using CISS your printer will thank you for providing her with continuous ink ,your printing will be flawless because you are using a high quality ink ,with CISS printing you will save up 95% of your money rather using other methods , and problably the most important aspect CISS offers you is SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

With all this said , i strongly advice you to start buying a CISS right NOW.


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