Save up to 95% on your printing cost !

21 Septembrie 2011 la 12:35 pm | Publicat în RECOMANDĂRI | 2 comentarii

I have already told you in an older post that I am looking after a new printer because the one I have at home is . . . retired :))

More and more I am considering  CISS ( which comes from continuous ink supply system) as my best option.

These days I was looking after some details on their site ( where you can also get help because they have specialists who are there to give you all the answers you need in order to buy the best ink system you desire ) and I found some interesting benefits which everyone should take into consideration :

=> they can save up to 95% of printing cost compared to using ordinary cartridges
=> it costs the same to print in black/white or color
=> a CISS full with ink represents the equivalent of up to 28 sets of ordinary ink cartridges
( The new less is more, right ? You pay less money for a better product and insted you get a good and cheaper deal with CISS )

It sounds great , no ?! and the best deal with CISS it seems to be the fact that the ink cartridge does not dry so you do not have to replace it. Yeeeeey ! I believe that we all know how boring is this process and how many ink spots it leaves behind 😛

School is staring soon so I should better hurry and decide that CISS I need in order to be able to print my documents in time. You think the same ? then CISS is your answer as well !

Try it , buy it , enjoy it !


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  1. Bun articol, imi place acest blog. Un pic off-topic: va supun atentiei site-ul FILME1.NET – un site gratuit de filme online subtitrate in limba romana, fara reclame (!), rapid si foarte bun. Eventual, poate va intereseaza si un schimb de linkuri. Va multumesc anticipat!

    • eu ştiu că lentilele mele nu.s tocmai curate, da’ reclama asta zău de pot s-o trec neobservată :))) măcar în filme de n-ar fi reclame, aşa cum v-aţi lăudat 😛

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